Scars Of Solitude released a new single from their upcoming debut album

Scars Of Solitude promo picture by Juho Kunelius (free to publish)
Scars Of Solitude released a first single ‘Enemy’ from their upcoming debut album ‘Deformation’. The album is released December 1st 2017 by Inverse Records.
Lyric video available here:

Scars of Solitude is a melodic metal quintet from Äänekoski playing music rooted deep in the Finnish melancholy. The band was formed in January 2015 and has stood firmly and proud behind its music ever since. Their music sounds like autumn – it’s kinda dark, rainy and cold but still rich in both beauty and color despite all the despair.




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Deformation track list:
1. I Remain Here

  1. Drown

  2. Enemy

  3. Live to Regret

  4. Fool

  5. Emotional Graveyard

  6. Dead Love Resurrection

  7. The End of Me

Scars of Solitude is: Mikko Ruuska – Vocals Tuomo Laulainen – Lead Guitar Antti Kettunen – Rhythm Guitar Lassi Pollari – Bass  Niki Kuivakangas – Drums


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