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“Announcing The End” – does the title feel like a punch to the gut? Good, that’s the point! But the punch should be musical and not like a sudden end that shuts everything down. This is the new, eighth studio album from Sparzanza.

The first single, “Vindication”, from the album got more than 280 000 Spotify streams in a few weeks. The second single and title track of the album, “Announcing The End” got it’s own Bladerunner 2049 tribute music video with local actors from the band’s home town Karlstad. October 13th Despotz Records released the whole album.

After a solid career Sparzanza found the opportunity to test their limits and let more people participate in the colossal wall of sound that has been the bands signature since their third album, “Banisher Of The Light”.

The band felt like they needed to find their hunger, rip up the rule book and look at their music in a different light. They stopped hounding each other to just go rehearse and started working together to create something that reflects the band in 2017.

To do so they left for Spain and started working on the album under a strict schedule 9 to 5 every day. This really motivated the band to produce. Meeting up in the morning they divided into groups and started writing. In the evening all of them met up again and went through the material together. The next day they’d switch groups and they kept on going on like that for two whole weeks.

“To do something completely new with “Announcing The End” was a challenge. Horrifying but at the same time inspiring. To push yourself daily with a clear cut deadline was extremely cool and created new ideas both expected and unexpected. Thus “announcing the end” was born and the result was unlike anything we had done before. Take the title track for example. No one would believe it was written with a view of the Mediterranean. Fans however need not be worried, a great view didn’t tarnish the darkness that is to be expected.” // Sparzanza

This is Sparzanza’s eighth studio album and they’ve finally got to do what they’ve longed for for a very long time; Cut the cord and fall free their own way. The album was written with high ambitions and sights set on conquering USA. “Announcing The End” is the first chapter in the new story of Sparzanza.

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