MISTEYES: “Creeping Time” videoclip released

The Italian light and dark metallers Misteyes released the official videoclip of “Creeping Time”, titletrack of their debut album.
The videoclip is the result of the collaboration of the band with the German director Filip Halo, known for his horror and thriller movies. Moreover, the song witll be part of the official soundtrack of his next film “The Darkest Nothing – Paraphrenia”.
The cast includes the actor and actresses Moloch, Francesca Lomello and Kathy Mey. The clip was shot at the abandoned church of Madonna delle Vigne in Lucedio (near Vercelli – Italy). It is well-known, especially between the passionates about mysteries, for the many dark and horror stories about this place. Additional scenes were shot in Germany.
You can watch the videoclip on Youtube here:

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