Death In Gothenburg LP

In 1621 a city was built on a foundation of mud and rock. Almost 370 years later a music-genre evolved in that city known as The Gothenburg Sound. Bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates have spread that melodic form of Death Metal over the planet.

The formation of what became The Gothenburg Sound centered around a record store called Dolores. In that store metalheads bought the extreme records not found elsewhere that inspired them, met like-minded people, read fanzines, hung out for hours and formed bands. Soon those bands sold their own demos in the store.

DEATH IN GOTHENBURG tracks the early stages of the city’s extreme metal scene on the threshold between thrash and death and includes bands and musicians who played a large part in spreading the Gothenburg name all over the world.

1. Pagandom – Protectors of Penetration
2. Sarcazm – Snaildeath
3. Exempt – Labratory Sickness
4. Dark Tranquillity – Void of Tranquillity
1. Ceremonial Oath – Lost Name of God
2. Braindead – Summon for the Praise
3. Caedes – Beyond Salvation
5. In Flames – In Flames

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