Circus Veil signs record deal with Into The LimeLight Records

We are happy to announce the signing of a very cool and fabulous band from Greece Circus Veil. We welcome them on our label. We will release their new album NU Life!

Biography:  Circus Veil’s journey starts back in 2012 at Thessaloniki, Greece, forging their name as a high energy Alternative Metal band. It was not before 2013, when they released their first self-titled Demo and while having the road open ahead, a couple of years later the gang released 4 new Singles and later their first E.P. called “A.R.” came to life via Straight From The Heart Records.

Currently, the band is working on the finishing touches on their Brand-New Release! It’s name? Nu Life, a NEW Life Experience for the listeners. Their stage performance is often being referred as “THE non-stop adrenaline Rock n’ Roll show” by reviewing webzines. Until now the gang has already visited the most parts of Greece, rocking every single city on their way. Moments of great significance would be the times when Circus Veil shared the stage with John Lynn Turner (Deep Purple), Enforcer, Laki Ragazas (Mystic Prophecy, Devil’s Train), Adept, Barb Wire Dolls, Kin Beneath Chorus and many more foreign and local artists. Stay tight! The ultimate experience has just begun…

Genre: Alternative Metal  Current Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

Members:  Lee Hale (Vocals)  Paul Nikk (Rhythm/Lead Guitar)  Jimmy Balas (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)  Taz Ames (Bass) Nick V (Drums)

Short Biography:   2013, released “Circus Veil” Demo Album Independently.   2015, released “Goin’On” Single Song and Music Video Independently.   2015, released “Freakin’ Out” Single Song and Music Video Independently.   2016, released “Off Your Throne” Single Song and Music Video  2016, released “Find The Time” Single Song and Music Video  2016, released “Α.R.” E.P. Album via Straight From The Heart Records.  Run various Release Parties & Live Shows in northern Greece promoting their latest release.

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